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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Camden , Fairfield SC to Hayneville, Lowndes Co AL after 1821

Dear extended family all over the states. Corrections are welcome ! If you click on the pictures you will get a bigger version. When you are finished push the arrow at the top left of your browser page to go back. This kind of wanders around, side tracking now and then, but there is useful information which sometimes may surprise you and you may find clues to other families. I gathered information because I cannot keep a stone unturned. It was at times very complicated and I would have to take a pencil and paper to bed with me at night to figure the relationships because cousins were marrying cousins and other near relations. It seems to have been a closed social circle into which fresh blood was brought now and then. I have also discovered who the Madison Co AL William Bell was. The other three brothers in Madison AL may have been cousins.

The Bell family married lots of Clouds (mostly female Clouds marrying male Bells) and seem to have had allot of teachers and educated children. Money was spent on their education. This may lead back to Camden and the Quaker community there. William Cloud 1730 's great grandfather William Cloude had become a member of the Friends (Quakers) in 1634. So they had been Quakers for a hundred years when William (please click for a nice site on the Clouds) was born in 1730. The Quakers put high value on education for both sexes and this tradition would have been carried on for generations even after they had given up being Quaker or had been disowned for fighting in the Revolution. William Cloud born in Rockland Manor, Brandywine 100, New Castle Co, DE left SC during the Revolution and took refuge in VA which is why children were being born here and there in the list below. SC was a terrible place to be in the Rev with Bloody Bill running around killing even children.

I think there can be little doubt that the Clouds were Quakers or at the very least still tightly associated with the Quaker community. William Guppell/Guphill, of Camden, SC is buried at the Old Quaker Cemetery, Camden, now Kershaw Co, SC with a death date of 1821. They were neighbors of the Clouds. William Guphill married Alice Cloud, daughter of William ca 1730. Following information must be checked by yourself. No verification on my part. William Cloud was b ca 1730 in Brandywine Hundred,New Castle,Delaware (outside of Philadelphia City). He was descended from William Cloud from Calne, England, who came over in 1682 on the Ship UNICORNE owned by William Penn the Quaker.

Penn came on The Welcome Master: Robert Greenway Date of Arrival: 8/1682
four months earlier. William's son Joseph Cloud arrived from England to PA on The Bristol Factor Master: Roger Drew Date of Arrival: 12/15/1681. "Joseph CLOUD, servant to John Bezer"

William's grandfather was Jeremiah born 7 Feb 1658/1659 in Calne Parish, Calne, Wiltshire, England who arrived on the ship Unicorne. The ship Unicorne reached Chester County, PA below Philadelphia. Date of Arrival: 12th month/1682 (That does not mean Dec. to the Quakers) Master: Thomas Cooper Listed as passengers: William Cloude and sons William Jr, Jeremiah and Robert. See Jeremiah's will at bottom of blog.

William Cloud, son of William of Brandywine Hundred, first appeared in S. C. by official records on the third day of January 1765 when he took a land grant on Fishing Creek in Chester Co., S.C., then old Craven County. There are deeds in Fairfield and in Charleston showing ALICE CLOUD, the wife of WILLIAM CLOUD, as signing dower rights. Known children of William Cloud (son of William and grandson of Jeremiah) with marriage to Alice Hardin b abt 1726.
  1. Has No Children
  2. Sinah Cloud b: AFT. 1746 in ? married Nathaniel FORD
  3. Has No Children William CLOUD b: 17 SEP 1750 in New Light Creek, NC
  4. Has No ChildrenDavid CLOUD b: 1752 in Prince William, VA
  5. Has No ChildrenHas Children Alice Harden CLOUD b: <1753>married George BOYLSTON
  6. Has No Children Has Children James CLOUD b: <1754> in Front Royal, Delaware Co, PA
  7. Has Children Daniel CLOUD b: Abt 1755 in VA died before 1811 will
  8. Has No Children Has No ChildrenHannah CLOUD b: <1751>
  9. Has Children Daughter Cloud (said to be Clare) b: AFT. 1749 in ?
  10. Clare CLOUD b: 1760 in Delaware, PA
  11. Has No Children Douglas CLOUD
  12. Has Children Joseph CLOUD b: 23 Mar 1770 in Camden, Kershaw County, SC
  13. Ann CLOUD b: b: 1771 in Camden, SC married William Guphill (Quaker) and Ford and Taylor
Marriage to 1 Ruth BUCKINGHAM b: 6 NOV 1738
Has Children Sarah CLOUD b: ABT 1773

Anyway, my interest started this time with my children's distant great great great great uncle James Meadows who was son of Isham Meadows born 1765 and his last wife Martha Stephens b ca 1776. Isham and Martha followed his first son Ransom Meadows from Greene GA to Montgomery Co AL, part of which got cut off to become Lowndes Co AL. They had been living on Stephens Creek in original Wilkes GA which part got cut off to form Greene Co GA in 1802.

How I got involved with the Bell and Cloud familes was that James Meadows married Ellen A. Poole in 1841 in Lowndes AL. But I could not figure out who she was. It was a mystery. Who were the Pooles? Finally (I can't remember how) the other day, I hit on some information which led from one stone to the other. It turned out that Ellen was a young widow in the Meadows neighborhood of Lowndesboro and Hayneville. She had arrived 6 years earlier---from what I can tell-- from SC. Ellen A. Serena Daniel Poole was living on her mother's Daniel plantation in Lowndes (1840 Lowndes under Ellen Daniel) with her 2 children because her husband had died after arriving from SC, as did so many from fevers caused by mosquito bites. It is rather swampy there. I found out she had a daughter which I did not know about and that daughter had married Joseph Bell. Ellen's grandson had written an informative letter to his son which was on rootsweb. This letter opened up a Pandora's Box for me. Click for entire 2 page Letter from Augustus Poole Bell.

I have been told there was a book "Wyatt Thomas Bell: Ancestors Descendants Connnections" written by a descendant of Wyatt Thomas Bell who was the son of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Ann Huckabee who had come with his children to Lowndes about 1855-56 and if any of you have copied pages from this book, I would love to share them on this blogger. (Since I live in Germany and do not have dollars to buy this book.) Ananias Bell migrated to Lowndes AL because his brother Joseph Bell had already settled there many years before - the father may have moved on to MS right away.

Joseph Bell had stayed in Lowndes and had acquired 3650 acres in 2 plantations near Hayneville. Ananias settled a mile from Hayneville on the road to Litahatchee on the plantation with the double log house where Augustus Poole Bell had been born. I think Ananias bought it from brother Joseph as soon as he arrived from Fairfield in 1855-6. Son Wyatt married a grandchild of Ellen A. Serena Daniel who had married 2nd James Meadows (Sr). In fact 2 of Ellen A. Serena's and Augustus Poole grandchildren by daughter, Ellen Serena, married 2 children of Ananias N. Bell.
Augustus Poole Bell mentions that his fathers sister had a child "Eva" who married William H. Poole. Well, I knew that he was Ellen`s son but had not proved it. So that piece of information drove me crazy because I knew exactly which Poole he was talking about but had never found out what happened to William H. Poole. So suddenly I sort of knew whom he married. "Eva" was of course only her nickname. Nobody named their child Eva in those days. It took me days, but I finally found out her name was Martha Evelyn Cloud and the great granddaughter of William Cloud who had named the father of Joseph and Ananias Bell in his Fairfield SC will in 1811: Vincent Hardy Bell. I can only imagine that they are also a descendant of Vincent Hardy of Virginia, as well, and those Bell people are related to my children's John Hardy of VA.

For more information on the Meadows and Hardy families in Lowndes and Coosa AL click here: Isham Meadows and Nancy Peebles Browning descendants

A descendant wrote me about the Bells yesterday and said in part this:
".... had quite a bit about Augustus Poole Bell and his children who were all educated, artistic, and very eccentric. The story is that all was lost after the Civil War and due to mismanagment by a step father . The family moved in mass to Texas for some reason and then on to California by the 1920s. Lots of mysteries. Much of what I know of the Bell family comes from a book by Pauline Bell Lauderdale called "Wyatt Thomas Belll: Ancestors Descendants Connnections. "The step grandfather alluded to above was James W. Watson. He and Ellen married in Butler 1864 and Joseph says his mother died in the fall of 1864 in Butler. One of the plantations may have been in Butler.

Here is where Vincent Bell (b 1782) is first mentioned. Vincent is is about 28 years old when he comes into his grandfather Cloud's inheritance:
William Cloud Will
Will made March 14, 1810 and probated August 30, 1811
(as copied from the webpage of Tom King on 041099)

State of South Carolina )
} March 14th, 1810
Fairfield District )
I, William Cloud, of the above mentioned State and District, being of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God for it, I do at this time make this my last will and testament in the following manner. That is to say,
First I Recommend my Soul to God who gave it. Secondly, my body to
decently buried at the discretion of my Executors; and after all my debts are paid.

Item. I do lend to my lawful wife, the Negro woman named Moll, one horse

beast, two cows and calves, and two beds, half of my hogs and all the household
furniture. My son Joseph Cloud, shall have the labor of the Negro man named Mose, by paying forty-five dollars yearly to my wife, and at her death the said Joseph in paying two hundred dollars, then he shall be fully possessed with the Negro man named Mose, as his right and property.

Item. The remainder of my stock and plantation tools to be sold at my death, the money, and
likewise, all my in hand (money) and all debts due me is to be equally divided between Sina
Ford, Alis Boclstone and Vincent Bell, my daughters and grandson; the horse beast and twocows and calves and two beds household furniture that I lend to my wife is to be sold at her death and the money to be equally divided between the above named three, that is to say Sina Ford, Alice Boclstone, Vincent Bell my grandson, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah --Rieon five shillings; I give and bequeath unto my son James Cloud five shillings; I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Cloud five shillings, also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ana Guphill five shillings; the mentioned Negro woman named Moll, being a good and faithful servant, is my wish she would be freed at my wife's death, and no more controlled;
Item. I give my grandson, William Cloud, son of Daniel, all my lands laying on the southside of Thorntree Creek, of which he is to possess at the death of my wife.
Item. The two hundred dollars that the said Joseph Cloud is to pay for the said Negro man
Mose, is to be equally divided between my two daughters and grandson, that is to say Sina
Ford, Alice Bolestone and Vincent Bell.

I appoint Joseph Cloud, my son and Vincent Bell, my grandson my whole and sole Executors
Jointly, and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, Disowning all other Wills made by me, As Witnessed, signed and sealed this 14th day of March 1810.

William Cloud (L.S.)
In the presence of us,
Leod Godbolt, Ananias Godbolt and Samuel LoughadageMother of Vincent Hardy Bell 1 Clare Cloud ? daughter of William Cloud of Fairfield County, SC. Clare died in Fairfield County, South Carolina before 1810 when the William Cloud will was made. I have no proof she was called Clare. She had only one child Vincent Hardy Bell b ca 1782 Fairfield SC. Vincent Hardy Bell married Ellen? Cloud, daughter of his uncle Joseph Cloud mentioned in the Will above. Alis HARDIN or Alice HARDEN b: 1730 in Prince William Co., VA was William Cloud's wife. Father: Marcus Hardin b: BEF. 26 MAR 1681 in Northumberland Co., VA (or Staten Island, NY) Mother: Mary Hogue b: ABT. 1688 in VA or Canada. More about William Cloud a grandson mention in the William Cloud will is below.
interested contact-Hope Coslett Pees
Seguin, Texas
James\Joseph CLOUD (March 23, 1749/50 - October 05, 1851) mentioned in will is Vincent (Sr)`s uncle. His wife was from a very old South Carolina family- Martha "Patty" Nettles (October 15, 1785 - April 30, 1852).
  1. Has Children Austin N. CLOUD b: 6 JAN 1803 in SC married Mary "Polly" Ruff
  2. Has Children Jane CLOUD b: 31 DEC 1804 m. William Land McKey
  3. Has Children Jane Cloud b: 31 Dec 1804 2nd source for children
  4. Has No Children John Benjamin CLOUD b: 26 Oct 1810 in SC m. Margaret D. Montgomery
  5. Has No Children William Augustin CLOUD b: (October 25, 1810 - May 27, 1870) went to Selma, Dallas Co., Alabama--married Elizabeth Grace Kennedy (September 23, 1818 - May 09, 1881) July 24, 1835 in Selma, Dallas Co., Alabama. She was the daughter of Evander Kennedy and Mary Pauline Goff, granddaughter of John Kennedy and my 3rd great grandaunt, Barbara Gordon. (Ric Gordon)
    Their first three children were born in Cypress Creek, Lowndes Co., Alabama. Thier next six children were born in Farmersville, Union Parish, Louisiana. Thier last four were born in Williamson Co., Texas. Four of the 13 children died quite young. One son died during the War Between the States.
  6. Has No Children Alice CLOUD b: 1812 m. William Barber
  7. Has No Children Eliza H. Cloud b: 18? m. James Hood
  8. Has No ChildrenAnderson J. Cloud b: 18 m. Martha Barber
  9. Douglas B. Cloud b: 18 m. Cornelia Webb
  10. Has No Children James H. Cloud b: 18? m. Sarah Ann Bell, d/o Vincent Hardy Bell named in Will
  11. Has Children Anne Cloud b: 1820 m. Charles Bailey
  12. Has Children Franklin Darrington Cloud b: 4 Nov 1824 in Fairfield SC m. Sarah Hogan

Joseph Bell's father Vincent Hardy Bell
(sr) b ca 1782 in South Carolina may have stopped in Autagua Co AL for awhile because this Camden newspaper reports that Vincent H Hardy has come from Autauga to marry Nancy Harrison in 1836 -the same county where where his brother Joseph Bell passed away-Joseph must have had relatives still there. Vincent Hardy Bell (Jr) has 29 slaves registered in his name in Fairfield SC in 1850, next to Austin N. Cloud, Joseph Cloud's son.
Children of Austin N. CLoud and Mary Ruff
Marilie Cloud F
Belle Cloud F
James F Cloud M abt 1826 in Kershaw, SC
Durham Luval Cloud M 25 Jul 1827 in Kershaw, SC
Alice Cloud F 1844 supposedly married Shannon R. Bell, Vincent 1782 last son. I find him married to a Mary in 1860, so maybe her name is Mary Alice and they do have a child Alice.
Left is an unidentified foto found around Chilton Co. AL. Ginger Jones informed me on the 20 of May 2014 that it is her family. She does not say what family, nor does she reveal the rest of the people except her grandfather but does not identify him. She states she is now in possession of the original. She does not state how she came to acquire it. If you want to share with her, her email is
This foto could be 1895? It could have been many of our families. I put it in because it sets the mood of back then and it was probably taken in a county near Lowndes. They look like they have a small tatered flag on the porch behind them. Families sitting on the porch at night and families getting their pictures taken by traveling photographers. Although of course it was not all our families who had such nice clothes as these for their daughters. Of course the Clouds and Bells seem always to have a certain amount of wealth and would have had these clothes, at the least. Joseph Bell had 3650 acres so he would have had maybe even better clothes for his family! But he was dead with no one of his stature to manage the plantations. It looks like the clothes were freshly made in advance of the foto. The style of the house is not one of dirt farmers- it is better and built by a carpenter with nice cornice work and details not seen by the normal folk like the house below taken at Horsestomp Community up in 
Coosa. I think the above left family has seen better times. It looks like there are great grandparents maybe born 1815, 12 children-mostly girls, one set of parents born maybe 1835, one couple and a widowed daughter who is sitting in dark clothing born about 1855. The house looks run down in that it is not painted. I know however that some did so and it did not mean they were poor. But on the other hand maybe this is a once well off family who survived the Civil War and still had some clothes on their backs but did not have means to paint the house in 35 years.

Left: The middle aged woman with the baby, as well as the child on the far left at Horsestomp, Coosa in 1907 were descended from an aristocratic Virginia family of tobacco planters. Her grandfather Robert Hardy had owned a couple thousand acres in Edgefield SC before coming to Montgomery Co in 1818 and helping his cousin in law Stephen Crenshaw build roads. They lived at Hayneville before moving up to Coosa in 1837 to escape the mosquitoes at Big Swamp. So you can see how far the family has fallen in general. There are no cornices or nice columns on their porch and there are no windows. The gentleman sitting on the chair William Archibald MeHearg/Maharg has 3 revolutionary soldier ancestors fighting in SC- one from Raburn's Creek in Laurens SC.

Gus Bell did not realize that his grandfather Vincent Hardy Bell (named in the will above) had gone to Mississippi, first living maybe in Autauga which is where son Vincent came from in 1836 to marry Nancy Reynolds in SC. Anyway Alabama was at one time all Misissippi territory and allot of records for MS are in Alabama. I have set their arrival as a group in Lowndes/Autauga/Butler at 1821-1825 but with Edmund Augustus Poole coming 1835. He died after his arrival and before or after the birth of his son William H. Poole in 1834.
left: The 1850 census has Vincent Sr in Lowndes MISS with sons Leroy 22 and James 35, as well as Penelope age 44 and Adeline age 18 and Shannon R, age 16 (1834). Vincent Bell Sr's sons were Vincent 1807, Joseph 1809, William, James 1815, Annanias 1818 (may have been called "Asa" and other variations), Osborne Robert 1822 married Anna Baker, and LeRoy Bell 1826 who was in both the 1850 Lowndes AL on Sept 22 and Lowndes MS on Oct 8. The 2 daughters of Vincent are a puzzle but one of the daughter's daughter called Eva married cousin William Poole. Also in Lowndes MISS are other resdients of Fairfield Co SC. Vincent Bell Sr seems to have a wife or daughter in Lowndes Co MISS - Penelope. Vincent H. Bell died 1853 prob. in Lowndes MISS, although descendants say he died in Lowndes AL. maybe he was on a visit. The 1820 Census locates him in Fairfield County, SC. But in 1830 I see only his son there. Gus does related that his father Joseph came soon after Alabama opened up in 1819, so maybe the family came about 1821 after the 1820 census.
Click HERE to see full size D.O.T. County Map
Lowndes MS was originally the southern part of Monroe County and embraced within its area a part of the present county of Clay. In 1830 I do not identify them anywhere, except that Vincent junior has stayed in Fairfield and continues to live there thru 1850.
I do find it interesting that in my searches I found not only many former slaves with the same Bell family names in Lowndes AL, but there were more mulatto Bells in Lowndes than black Bells. Whose plantation had they been living on? Had Joseph been educating them secretly? On 3500 acres you can hide allot. Who had created all the Mulatto descendants? Was it Joseph Bell? or the Peter Bell who had been in earlier census data. Why was Joseph so satisfied with this life that he waited till 31 to marry? It surely made me curious seeing such a high percentage of mulatto citizens named Bell in Lowndes. Why did Joseph die so early in life anyway? Why did so many former slaves take the Bell names, including "Vincent" and "Joseph"?
The step father was James W. Watson. I looked up on Ancestry that Ellen S Bell married James W Watson on 19 Aug 1864 in Butler Co. When in doubt look in Butler Co for the Bells. I tried to figure out what happened to the children after Joseph Bell died in 1861 and Ellen in the fall of 1864 and I just do not know, except for 2 places where his 2 girls went.They did not stay with Watson, even though as husband he must have inherited most of the plantation-I think that is how it was in those days. I tried to find out about the families the 2 girls were with. Well one was simple because it was uncle Osborne Bell who had a store. The other place was the Herberts, an old Fairfield District SC family, and the neighbor of Ellen and James Meadows in 1860.
Gus never said what happened to him after his happy days on the plantation. In 1860 they were worth a fortune for that time. I had no idea when I started this search that we were talking about a very rich man. His real estate was worth $94,240 which is probably 9 million today? I assume Joseph's mother tried to continue and got talked into marrying someone to help her then she died overcome by the difficulties of managing over 3500 acres. I would like to know about the situation from the slaves perspective and whether they helped or not. How their views were toward the family. It would have been impossible for someone to manage 3500 acres without the loyal support of their slaves-- other than keeping the slaves under clever overseers who were probably all gone to war.
To the left is a picture I took of a now demolished house in Lexington County SC (not so far from Camden in Fairfield) similar to a double cabin in which Joseph Bell was born. This one has the middle part filled in. Here is Gus Poole's family before the war and just before his father died 1861:
1860: Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Hayneville
Joseph Bell 49 SC $44,730 $94,240

E S Bell 27 SC (Ellen Serana Poole-daughter of Ellen A.S.Daniel Poole who married 2nd to James Meadows) After Joseph died -Ellen S Bell James W Watson 19 Aug 1864 Butler
A P Bell 10 AL male (Augustus Poole Bell) m Mary Rudolph 6 Jan 1869 Butler
Joseph Bell 8 AL
Vincent Bell 6 AL Vincent Hardy Bell
b 2 July 1853 Vincent H Bell married Lula Cheek Garrett 1877 Lowndes died 28 March 1914 in Greenville, Butler Co, Al (Carol Golowka)
William Bell 5 AL William Henry Bell
M A Bell 3 AL (Mary went to live with Osborn by 1870- I think it is she)
Laura J Bell b 1
b: 22 FEB 1859 died 10 January 1900 in Statesville, Autuaga Co., Al lived with after the war with the Herberts of SC in Lowndes, sister Mary went to Osborne's
Here is Gus's sister Mary E. after the war. She took refuge with her uncle Osborne
1870 Township 13, Montgomery, AL
Osborne R Bell abt 1823 South Carolina White Male
Mildred Faris housekeeper 22 SC
James Bell abt 1858 Alabama White Male
Willie V Bell abt 1852 Alabama White Male
-Wilson Vincent Bell married Martha Victoria Abernathy b 1854
Josephine A. Bell age 8 AL
Mary Bell age 15 AL Vincent's dau
Here is Gus Bell`s sister Laura after the war.
1870 Beat 1, Womack, Hayneville, Lowndes, AL
Hayneville PO
Edward H. Herbert age 70 abt 1800 insurance agent South Carolina

Louisa Herbert age 60 abt 1810 keeps house South Carolina White
Sarah E Herbert age 35 abt 1835 without occupation Al (spinster dau born
28 Sep 1834-she died in Hayneville the 9 April 1924-I bet she had some tales to tell.)
Laura J. Bell 11 at home AL Vincent's dau
Edward Hampton Herbert b 9 January 1800 Camden District, Fairfield, SC died 20 Feb 1877 in Hayneville, Lowndes, Al or Butler Co. AL married Martha Womack Born: 8 Dec 1808 in Hancock, Ga Died: 5 May 1848 in Lowdnes, Al -the family after which the name of the area they live is named. They married 1824 in Butler, a beloved hang-out for the Clouds and Bells, as well.
Herbert married Louisa Debard on the 5th of Feb 1860 just before the war (and before the census so I found them by accident misindexed) after 12 years of being a widower. Debard is short for De Bardeleben which it became in Huguenot Charleston SC. They are the descendants of the aristocratic German family Arthur Franz Von Bardeleben b 3 May 1757 Kattenbruch, Westfalen, Germany. His son Henri/Henry migrated from to Montgomery Co Co AL and died there 27 Jan 1853. Montgomery city is only 18 miles from Hayneville. Louisa had been living with Thomas Debard in Lowndes in 1850. He had been born 1812 in Kentucky. He had one slave and lived 2 houses away from James Meadows and 13 houses away form the Herberts who had 7 slaves, not many for those days or compared to James Meadows who had 28 and was younger than Herbert who must have made his living in other ways than cotton.
In 1840 Thomas Debard is in Lowndes (indexed as Debord) with no women and 2 men. I doubt he ever had any children so there is no record of him I could find. There were several Debords who immigrated to Pulaski, KY by 1820, probably from NC via VA from the old VA family- not the same as the Debardeleben Charleston family.
Some people call Edward Hampton, instead, Edwin Edward, but that is not what he gives in the census-he probably had 2 middle names or one was a nick name. This Herbert family must be related to the Clouds or Bells as they are also from Camden SC. The Herberts apparently had a Bible as I found the birth of Edward´s siblings on line:
Children Sex Birth
John Herbert M 6 May 1796
Thomas Sharpe Herbert M 4 Feb 1798
Edward Hampton Herbert M 9 Jan 1800
Nancy Jane Herbert F 7 Feb 1802
George Preston Herbert M 9 Jan 1804 in Camden District, Fairfield, SC
Richard Henery Herbert M 16 Feb 1806
Harriet A Herbert F 3 Oct 1807
Mary Ellen Herbert F 14 Nov 1809
Hardy Hillary Herbert F 8 Dec 1812
Benjamin Franklin Herbert F 15 May 1815
Elizabeth Charlotte Herbert F 26 May 1817 in Fairfax,SC
Nathan Cook Herbert M 4 Feb 1821

Community Tree

Name: Edward Hampton Herbert
Birth: 9 Jan 1800
Parents: Thomas Sharpe Herbert, Elizabeth Hampton
Here is Wyatt and his brother (Gus Bells's cousins) living alone
1870: Beat 4, Lowndes, Alabama
Value of real estate: $1000
Post Office: Benton
Joseph Bell 23 abt 1847 South Carolina White Male
Wyatt Bell 20 abt 1850 South Carolina White Male
It has been impossible to find Gus and Vincent and William in 1870. I do find a Vincent in MS going to school with what appears to be a sister Ann. That COULD be Mary A.But it also states they were born in Miss which would not fit being born in Lowndes AL. That Vincent and Anna are more likely cousins to Gus. They are rich for being children too.
Vincent Hardy Bell, Gus's brother stayed in Lowndes-
1880: Braggs, Lowndes, Alabama
Occupation: Merchant
V. H. Bell 27 AL AL AL
L. C Bell 21
Zylpha Bell 2
Annie Lula Bell 8M
H H McPherson 19
1900: Fort Deposit, Lowndes, Alabama
Venson H Bell 46 July 1853 AL SC SC
Lula C Bell 41 Nov 1858 AL AL SC
Willa Bell 22 April 1978 AL AL AL teaching school
Anna L Bell 20 Dec 1879 teaching school
Joseph R Bell 19 July 1881 at school
Lillian L Bell 17 May 1883 at school
Vinson H Bell 16 May 1884 at school
Jeff G Bell 11 Nov 1888 at school
Gennie V Bell 7 April 1892
John J Meadows 50 boarder Feb 1850 AL AL SC (in 1870 James was the half sister of Vincent's brother's wife--what does that make the relationship? James was a clerk in a store so he probably always was connected to sales and works now in the Bell store)
Rob Smith 13 black servant b March 1882 AL AL AL farm hand
Notice that all his girls are University students at a time when it was rare-
1910: Precinct 10, Lowndes, Alabama
Vincent H Bell 56 AL SC SC merchant of a general store
Zella G Bell 49
Zilla Bell 31 sales manager at a general store (her father's?)
Anny L Bell 29
Vincent H Bell Jr. 25 student University of Alabama
Jefferson G Bell 23 student Columbia University (New York?)
Genevieve Bell 18 student Judson University
James J Meadows 59 AL AL SC
1920: Fort Deposit, Lowndes, Alabama
127 Bridge St
V H Bell 58 AL head Widower retired
(Zilpha) Bell 44 AL niece (dau)book keeper general merchandise
Annie Bell 40 AL niece (dau)
J J Meadows 69 AL
Here is James Meadows as a boy with his mother Ellen A. Serena Daniel whose daughter of her first marriage married Joseph Bell, Vincent's brother. James Meadows jr. lived with his kin Vincent Bell -Joseph's brother- after he grew up. What kin would he be to uncle Vincent exactly if his half sister (Ellen Poole jr.) married Joseph Bell, uncle Vincent's brother?
1860: Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Hayneville
James Meadows (Sr) 42 GA $15,800 $41,600 (son of Isham meadows and Martha Stephens)
Ellen A Meadows 42 SC
F D Meadows 18 AL
M J Meadows 16
M A Meadows 15
E E Meadows 12
James Meadows 10 AL (Jr) this is the James who lives with Vincent Hardy Bell his whole life
H Meadows female 4
next door is where Laura J Bell ends up in 1870.
1860: 5th June Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Hayneville
E H Harbert 60 SC $4700 $12.870
Louisa Harbert 49 SC (d/o Stephen and Susannah Hardy Crenshaw)
Sarah E Harbert 26 AL
Thomas T Harbert 24 AL clear in store
Benj P Harbert 17 AL
H A Harbert 15 AL
Susan Cronshaw 80 SC $500
AMAZING!! Susannah Hardy Crenshaw is still alive, a daughter of Thomas Hardy of Lunenburg VA and Phoebe Buford. Susannah was one of the first people to come and settle Hayneville in a covered wagons from Edgefield and Newberry SC.
The Crenshaws lost their son Robert an 8 year old during a storm when a tree fell on him in Big Swamp. Loisa Crenshaw reported that she came to the area as an 8 year old so that was about 1819.
The Stephen Crenshaw (b 3 MAR 1764) family were kin to the sons of John Hardy and Ann Williams thru the Bufords of Lunenburg VA. Stephen´s wife Susannah was Robert Hardy´s cousin, the daughter of his uncle Thomas Hardy of Laurens District about whom the book Our Fathers´ Fields is written. When they left for Alabama, Susannah´s siblings Mary, Phoebe and Freeman also went, although they stopped for awhile in Georgia. 1850 in Hayneville, Lowndes Co. Susannah lived with her daughter Susan Crenshaw Hardy who had also married John Hardy from Vermont, a gold smith by trade. Susan´s father and husband were dead and she had 8 slaves to help with the work. Unfortunately Stephen died of exposure in 1820- or it could have been 1821 since that was a very bitter winter for the settlers.. He either fell from a horse and was too injured to move or he fell into one of the rivers during his road making. He was buried in the woods in Lowndes County. Afterwards a Methodist Church was built near his grave. Later others were buried there and was enclosed by brick wall and the graves were kept by his daughter Susan Crenshaw Hardy and the grandsons of Dr. Henry L. Whipple, of Montgomery. During the War Between the States the graves were neglected and later were sold and a warehouse marks the place. It is at Hayneville underneath Dreighman's Warehouse. A relative of Susan Crenshaw Hardy was a descendant Mrs. Hardy who was 87 years old in 1927. Mrs. Hardy remembers seeing part of Stephen Crenshaw´s Revolutionary uniform, knee buckles, coat and pants which had been saved by the family. She saw these things at Hayneville. He was a private. Mrs. Hardy´s mother's name was Baby Ruth Queen Victoria -Mrs. Hardy was living in 1927 with her daughter at Stone's Tank, AL.
I did finally find Augustus Poole Bell in Texas, but never found him in 1870-What is interesting is that he is in Bell Co Texas-now I wonder what that means?
1880: Precinct 1, Bell, Texas
A. P. Bell 28 Teacher AL SC AL
Mary Bell 23
Mary Ellen Bell 6
Augustus Bell 4
Eugene Bell 2
Rufus Bell 6Months He may be a boarder in 1900 Justice Precinct 1, Trinity, Texas

Here is Augustus Jr in CAL, but his wife thinks his parents were from TX so I guess the family plantations lost in Alabama were never discussed.
1910: San Francisco Assembly District 38, San Francisco, California
Augustus P Bell 34 TX TX TX
Nellie M Bell 31
Cutis A. Bell (Curtis Augustus Bell 11 born Feb 10, !890 Lone Oak, Texas living at University Station in Austin, Travis, TX at time of WWI registration)
Teresa Bell 6
Wm T Avery 29
Laura T Avery 28

1920: Los Angeles Assembly District 63, Los Angeles, California
The B. should really be a P. This is the writer of the letter which got me going. He died before the next census.
Augustus B. Bell Head 70 years b. Alabama works at home
Father's Birth Place: South Carolina
Mother's Birth Place: Alabama (SC)(His memory is getting bad)
Marital Status: Divorced
Information about James Meadows and his Bell/Cloud kin-
Carolyn Golowka
October 2002
Marriage Book 1, Lowndes County Alabama
May 30, 1830 - Feb. 13, 1848
These marriages records were first compiled from "Lowndes Court House," by Mildred Brewer Russell and/or the Lowndes County Historical and Genealogical Society/s newsletters over the years. I then went to the microfilm available through the LDS (Morman) Church Family History Library and compared to the original marriage books. What is here is what was in the marriage books. As with Mrs. Russell's book and the newsletter, there are bound to be mistakes. Check the original books on microfilm to make sure of the information. I would appreciate any corrections you find in the marriage books so I can make those corrections here.
There are seven marriage records that have page number and were not found in the marriage book. I had this checked with the actual books and these are not there and there are pages that have been torn out of the marriage book. I assume these marriage records were there when Mrs. Russell wrote her book (before 1949 when she died).
Surnames L - Z
Meadows, James and Poole, Ellen A. Jul 17, 1841 1 337 Alexander, William M.

This is Ellen A. S. Daniel Poole, widow of Edmund Augustus Poole of Massachusetts who died
1834 in Lowndesboro, AL- She is the daughter of William Daniel and born in Camden SC. Her brother is Has Children John Daniel b: 1810. Her 1st child was Ellen Serana Poole b 1833 Camden SC married Joseph Bell. 2nd child William H. Poole living with her in this census. In 1840 census Ellen is is at her mother Ellen Marlow or Ellen Marlor Daniel's plantation in Lowndes. Her father William Daniel was born about 1760-69 had died after coming to AL.
I will start with the James Meadows connection and then start to list the Bell children and their connections to the Clouds and Pooles.
1850 Slave censusWilliam Meadows 22 slaves Lowndes Ransom´s son
James Meadows 20 slaves Lowndes Isham´s son
B.S. Meadows 8 slaves Lowndes
Isham´s son Benjamin, near James Gordon, father of his second wife
Daniel Meadows in Montogomery 8 slaves Isham´s son Daniel Edward
1850 Lowndes Co AL Lowndes Dist
House 17/17 ancestry image 145. although are supposedly 143
Tops of pages are missing and dates. In the slave schedule, James Meadows is only 2 pages away from B. S. Meadows, but the regular Ancestry census indexing for Benjamin S. Meadows is missing. However it is in a transcribed version on rootsweb:

17 September 1850
James Meadows 32 Planter GA had 36 slaves
Ellen S. 32 SC

Francis D. 8 AL male
Mary J. 6 AL
Martha A. 5 AL
Rebecca E. 3 AL
James Meadows 6 months Al

William Pool 16 AL attends school
1860- 5 June Hayneville PO, Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
House 37/35
James Meadows 42 GA Farmer $15,800 $40,600
Ellen A Meadows 42 (Married: 17 Jul 1841 Ellen A. Serena Daniel by birth)
F D Meadows 18 Francis
M J Meadows 16 Mary Jane
M A Meadows 15 Martha Ann
E E Meadows 12 Rebecca Ellen
James Meadows 10
H Meadows 4 Nully (Nelly)
1860 Slave census
James Meadows had 44 slaves
Isham´s son
Ransom Meadows had 21 slaves down in Lowndes and registered none in Tallapoosa this year
Benjamin S. Meadows 17 slaves
Isham´s son
William Meadows had 9 slaves
Montgomery Ransom´s son
David Meadows 14 slaves (this should say Daniel)
1870 Hayneville PO, beat no 1, Lowndes, Alabama
30 July 1870 wealth reduced by lack of slave property and labor
James Meadows 52 GA Planter $200 $100
Ellen Meadows 53 SC (Ellen Daniel by birth)
Ellen H or N Meadows 26 AL
Nully A. Meadows 14 female AL
Eddy Poole 12 AL

Emma Poole 11 AL
Daniel Hoofman 25 AL (James Meadows' sister Martha´s son)
Evva Poole 9 AL
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Mount Willing
W H Poole 27 AL Planter $6400 $21,898
William died 19 AUG 1861 of blood poisoning after a battle in TN married 27 JAN 1859 in Lowndes
M E Poole 22 SC Martha Evelyn "Eva" Cloud his cousin died
10 FEB 1861 four days after giving birth to her 3rd child -she was d/o of Sarah Ann Bell Born:1816 SC Died:1855 Mcdonough, Henry, Georgia (d/o Vincent H. Bell) and James H Cloud b 1826 SC Died: 29 Jan 1870 Mcdonough, Henry, Ga. He was the son of Joseph Cloud and Martha Nettles.
E D Poole 2
-Edward Daniel Poole b 1858-02-08 Mt Willing Lowndes AL d 1923-11-21 Lowndes, AL , Eddy married his cousin 21 Dec 1880 Lowndes AL to Annie Elizabeth Bell Born:1860-12-09 Died: 1915-08-19, dau of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Ann Huckabee.
Evva Poole 1
-Willie Evelyn Poole b 1861-02-06 Mt Willing, Lowndes AL d 1937-06-22 Charlotte,NC married her cousin Wyatt Thomas Bell b 1848-07-21 SC died 1910-11-13, son of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Huckabee
Willie and Wyatt's children.
Fannie Maude Bell 30 Oct 1881 in Ft Deposit Al
Willie Ernest Bell 29 Mar 1884 in Kershaw, SC
Evelyn Cloud Bell 22 Jul 1886 in Kershaw, SC
Daisy Mae Bell F 10 Mar 1889 in Kershaw, SC
Robert Emmett Bell 14 Oct 1891
Forrest Leslie Bell 18 Oct 1894 in Camden, Kershaw, SC
Wyatt Gordon Bell 5 Jun 1897 in Camden, Kershaw, SC
William H. Poole Born: 1834-01 Died: 1861-08-19 is Ellen's son by a first marriage to Edmund Augustus Poole. He married his cousin Martha Evelyn Cloud called "cousin Eva" by her cousin Augustus Poole Bell. Eva was the daughter of James H. Cloud who married Sarah Ann Bell, a daughter of Vincent H. Bell and a sister to Joseph Bell. James H. Cloud Born:1826 SC Died:1870-01-29 Mcdonough,Henry,Ga buried Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery, Lugoff, Kershaw CO, SC was the son of Joseph Cloud Born: 1770-03-23 Camden, now Kershaw,SC Died:1851-10-05 Kershaw,SC who married at Wateree Kershaw to Martha Nettles on Christmas Day 1801.
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Mount Willing
W H Poole 27 William Born: 1834-01 Died: 1861-08-19
M E Poole 22 SC Martha Evelyn "Eva" Cloud died 1861 after having her 3rd child. She was the d/o of Sarah Ann Bell (d/oVincent Bell) and James H. Cloud who migrated to GA
E D Poole 2 Edward Daniel Poole married
his cousin Annie Elizabeth Bell Born:1860-12-09 Died: 1915-08-19, dau of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Ann Huckabee.
Emma Poole 1
Joseph Bell 1809 SC
The foto right is an Alabama house similar to the house Joseph Bell was born in before the family moved to the bigger plantation. Quote from the above A. P. Bell- Augustus Poole Bell: I was born in October 1849 in a double log house. My father hadn't bought the 1400-acre plantation then. He bought it about 3 years after. He sold the plantation on which I was born to Uncle Annanias Bell. Mother died in the Fall of 1864. We were then living in Butler County, Adjoining Lowndes. Uncle William Poole married a niece of father's, his sister's child. Their children on their father's side are my first cousins, and on their mother's my second. Uncle William Poole went into the army in 1862, was wounded in the battle of Franklin, Tenn. In the Fall of 1864 and died of blood poison. Cousin Eva, his wife died early in the Fall of 1860.My father, five brothers and two sisters were born and raised in South Carolina on a farm, where they stayed and worked on the farm until they were 21. William Bell moved to Georgia, died there, leaving a widow, son, daughter and a little grandson. He was poor. Jim Bell moved to Mississippi. I don't know his circumstances. Only that he had little or no wealth. Annanias, Osborne, and LeRoy moved to Alabama. Uncle Lee had nothing; he was overseer for my father 1 year. My father, Joseph Bell, moved to Alabama soon after it was admitted into the Union in 1819. I became acquainted with an old man in 1865 that knew my father when he owned only a horse, a bridle, and saddle and was teaching school. He died in July 1861 at the age of only 52. He left 2 plantations well stocked, the home place something more than 1400 acres, the other plantation in an adjoining county, 1240 acres, and 92 Negroes. Although it was said he died in Autaga Co., he is buried in his family graveyard on his plantation near Haynesville, Lowndes Co , Al between Hayneville and Letohatchie. We lived about 4 miles from Haynesville and about 3 1/3 miles from Letohatchie, which are about 7 miles apart. We lived about 1/2 mile off the public road, the road running through the plantation, cutting off 400 or 500 acres on one side, from the settlements. My father's tomb stands on a little hill sloping on all sides alike, about 200 yards from the public road on the side toward the settlements. He selected the spot yards before he died. My brother Willie, my third brother, has been buried there also. My father, five brothers and two sisters were born and raised in South Carolina on a farm, where they stayed and worked on the farm until they were 21. William Bell moved to Georgia.....Jim Bell moved to Mississippi.....Annanias, Osborne, and LeRoy Bell moved to Alabama. Uncle Lee ... was overseer for my father 1 year...Uncle Annanias was younger than my father, but married first, his first child being 7 or 8 years older than I was. He lived 3 miles from us, on the road from Hayneville to Letohatchie and 1 mile from Hayneville.......Uncle Osborne was still younger.... lived in Montgomery County 18 miles from us. ... My brother Joe and I boarded in his family when going to our first school. I was 10, Joe 8. Uncle Osborne's oldest child, N.J. Bell, was in the banking business when he died, worth about $1,000,000.
Ellen Serana Poole married on January 11, 1849 to Joseph Bell b: 11 FEB 1809 in Camden, SC died 13 June 1861 Autagua AL, buried Lowndes Co on his 1400 acre plantation. First son Augustus Poole Bell born in October. Vincent's mother -Clare Cloud- her father was William Cloud.
1860: Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Hayneville
Joseph Bell 49 SC

E S Bell 27 SC (daughter of Ellen A.Serena Daniel Poole married 2nd to James Meadows)
A P Bell 10 AL male (Augustus Poole Bell)
Joseph Bell 8 (Jr)
Vincent Bell 6 Vincent Hardy Bell
b 2 July 1853
William Bell 5 William Henry Bell married Lula Cheek Garrett died 28 March 1914 in Greenville, Butler Co, Al (Carol Golowka)
M A Bell 3 (Mary went to live with Osborn by 1870)
Laura J Bell b 1
b: 22 FEB 1859 died 10 January 1900 in Statesville, Autuaga Co., Al lived with after the war with relatives?, sister Mary went to Osborne's.
In the letter above, uncle Gus forgot to talk about uncle Vincent H. Bell back in SC after whom Gus's brother was named. The war came to Gus when he was a young man and there must have been great confusion and not allot of family visiting. But he sure remembers an awful lot and it is wonderful to read. because he did not say the names of the girls, it drove me crazy and I worked for days to try to figure them out. With thehelp of Ancestry and a descendant in Cal. who had a list of people mentioned in the 1853 Vincent H Bell testament, I was able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out quite alot of these unconnected people and found out how much cousins married cousins. Bells married Clouds and Pooles married Bells. Pooles married Clouds. it must have been an old aristocratic South. To think that Joseph Bell had 2 plantations totalling 3650 acres makes him one of the "Great Planters" in Alabama.
Vincent H. Bell (Jr) b 1807 SCmarried Nancy Reynolds 1836 in Camden SC she died 1863 during the Civil War -widow of Reuben Harrison when she married Vincent. When she first married Harrison, she was 27 and Reuben was 76-77 when they married; she was probably a neighbor's daughter. Vincent came from Autauga AL to marry her and apparently stayed on the 200 acres she was to receive for marrying Harrison-should he die first. But she was to have no dower rights for she was forced to sign a pre-nuptial contract giving up her rights as a wife. Maybe she was considered unmarraigeable, too old or too feisty or too artsy-who knows- and the 2 men, her father and the neighbor, made a deal to give her a family life and security, even if it was with an old man, with a small portion of Harrison's fortune which was to go to his sons -
"in consideration of Marriage with the said Nancy Reynolds, & for & in consideration of her relinquishment & renunciation of Dower to & in all his property both real & personal doth by these presents, give, grant, bargain sell & convey to her the said Nancy Reynolds her heirs & assigns forever, two hundred acres of land lying and being on Sawneys Creek, & being part of a tract commonly called the Barrot tract, which two hundred acres of land is to be taken from any part of said land in a body, that she or her heirs may choose, and also a Negro fellow named Pleasant about twenty one years of age, one Negro woman named Mary about twenty one years old, & one young able mule, one young saddle horse, two likely cows & calves, six head of sheep, two sows & pigs, & also a good feather bed bedsted & bed furniture and all the household & kitchen furniture in his possession at his death, & whatever silver plate, & farming utensils, & poultry of every description in his possession at his death, and the said Reuben Harrison further promises & agrees that in case he dies before the said Nancy, that then the said Nancy Reynolds shall have one years provision of corn, pork, & fodder for herself Negroes & stock. In witness whereof the said Nancy Reynolds, & Reuben Harrison have hereunto set their names & affixed their seals this 1st day of November1834. In the presence of Jas. E. Graham, Jno. Smart & Griffith Graham.
Nancy Reynolds her X mark (Seal)
Reuben Harrison (Seal)
State of South Carolina
Fairfield District"
In the 1850 slave census Vincent and Nancy have 29 slaves so the slaves Pleasant and what is probably his wife Mary have probably had lots of children 15 years later.
Vincent and Nancy's children in 1850 Fairfield SC
Sarah Ann Bell 1838 inFairfield SC
Anna Penelope Bell 1840
Reuben Harrison Bell 3 Oct 1841
Nancy Elizabeth Bell 1843
Marriage 1 Nancy Reynolds b: ABT 1807
  • Married: 07 JUL 1836 in Fairfield Dist., SC
  • Note: Camden Journal issue of July 23, 1836. "On the 7th inst., on Thorntree Creek, Fairfield District, by J. Mickle, Esq., Mr. Vincent Bell of Autauga Co., Alabama, to Mrs. Nancy Harrison, relict of the late Reubin Harrison, Esq."
"14 Dec 1838 William Cloud's attorney Isaac Arledge sells land owned by Has Children William CLOUD b: Abt 1774-1775 in , Fairfield Dist. SC-son of Daniel. It was 224 acres and was sold to Raymond Woodman for
$1,000.00. Vincent Bell, William's cousin, was a witness."
William C. Bell (no idea about birth year)had a son Alexander mentioned in Vincent's will which is referred to apparently in the book mentioned above.
Ananias N Bell 1813
b. 23 Jun 1813 SC Death: 4 May 1872 - Dayton, Cass, Missouri 1st married Sarah Ann Huckabee b NC on 15 Feb 1844 Lowndes She died: 9 Nov 1864 in Hayneville, Lowndes, Al 2nd married Sarah Caroline Arnold (widow Lyon) on 23 Apr 1867 in Lowndes AL She was born 10 Oct 1832 Carroll, Tenn Died: 11 May 1874 in Gordonville, Lowndes, Al
1870 Sugar Creek, Cass, MO 26th October Went west in wake of the disaster following the war.
Ananias Bell abt 1813 South Carolina White Male
Sarah C Bell abt 1833 Tennessee White Female
Annie Bell abt 1861 Alabama White Female
Fanny Bell abt 1864 Alabama White Female
Mary Bell abt 1868 Alabama White Female

Martha Ann Bell 11 Dec 1844 in Kershaw, SC married Francis Gordon
Joseph James Bell 11 Nov 1846 in Kershaw, SC married Catherine Elizabeth Huckabee
Wyatt Thomas Bell 21 Jul 1848 in SC married Willie Evelyn Poole, dau of Martha Evelyn Cloud
Isabella Bell F 1851 in SC died age 13, 17 Oct 1864 in Lowndes
E B Bell F 1853
Willis Bell M 1855 in SC
L F Bell F 1856 in Al
Murry Bell M 1858 in Al died age 6, 3 Nov 1864 Lowndes
Annie Elizabeth Bell 9 Dec 1860 married Edward Daniel Poole, son of Martha Evelyn Cloud
Frances "Fannie" Caroline Bell 6 Sep 1863 in Lowndes, Al married Claudius Green Rives b 1857 whose grandfather was the founder of Collerine.
Mary May Bell F 1 May 1868 in Lowndes, Al married William John Dunklin
John Ira Bell M 9 Jul 1870 in Missouri died age 3 and one month, 28 Aug 1873 in Missouri
After this Sarah Caroline took all the children back to Gordonville,, Lowndes AL and died in May of 1874, exhausted. The war, the move to Missouri and starting over, the death of her husband May 1872, her death of her little boy in Missouri August 1873, the move back home to Gordonville and then came her death 1874.
Son of Green Rives (the founder of Collerine -who was born 1 NOV 1791 in Richland Co., SC) was Claudius Green Rives born 23 NOV 1816 in Richmond Co., SC. He married 24 JUL 1844 in Lowndes Co., AL to Sarah Sophia WALDRON b: 5 NOV 1827 in Ashland, Clay Co., AL
1. Claudia Sophronia RIVES
24 MAY 1845 in Collerine married William John Dunklin
2. Green W. RIVES b: 1847
in Collerine AL died before 1860
3. Mary RIVES b: 1848
in Collerine AL died before 1860
4. Angelina Elizabeth RIVES b: 1851
in Collerine Lowndes Co., AL married Charles Polk Dunklin, cousin of William John Dunklin
5. Claudius Green RIVES b: 1857 in Lowndes Co., AL married Frances Caroline Bell d/o Ananias
James Bell 1815 SC
1850: Lowndes, Mississippi
Vincent Bell 68 SC
Penelope Bell 42 SC
Leroy Bell 27 SC

Shannon R. Bell 16 SC male
James Bell 35 SC
Adeline Bell 18 MS
I do not know if this James is he, because one thing is there is a girl under him in the 1850 census named Adaline -- that could be a sister or cousin.
1870 Township 4 Range 2 District 50, Madison, AL
James Bell abt 1815 South Carolina White Male
Sarah Bell abt 1815 Tennessee White Female
Margaret Bell abt 1848 Alabama White Female
Thomas Bell abt 1850 Alabama White Male
Eliza Bell abt 1852 Alabama White Female
John Bell abt 1853 Alabama
Edie Bell abt 1854 Alabama White Female
Sarah Bell abt 1859 Alabama White Female
Joseph Bell abt 1866 Alabama White Male
Ann Bell abt 1868 Alabama White Female
1880: Madison, Alabama
James Bell 66 SC SC SC
Sarah Bell 66 TN
Mary Bell 37
Martha Bell 36
James Bell 36
Sarah Bell 18
Mary Lou Bell 16
Anna Bell 14
Sarah Ann Bell 1816
born:1816 Camden SC Died:1855 McDonough, Henry, GA
married James H. Cloud Born: 1826 SC died 29 Jan 1870 McDonough, Henry, GA, son of Joseph Cloud mentioned in his father's will. Their daughter "Eva" (Martha Evelyn) married William H. Poole.
  1. Has No Children W W CLOUD b: 1837 in South Carolina
  2. Has No Children Has Children Martha Evelyn CLOUD b: 1839 in South Carolina Death: 10 FEB 1861 in Lowndes CO, AL married William H. Poole at Hayneville, 3 children
  3. Has No Children J V CLOUD b: 1847 in South Carolina
Osborne Bell 1822
1860: District 2, Montgomery, Alabama
Post Office: Ramah
O R Bell 39 SC
Ann Bell 32 SC
Newton Bell 12 SC became a millionare
Willis Bell 8 AL
James Bell 2 AL
Ellen Bell 4.12
1870 Alabama > Montgomery > Township 13
Oliver(Osborne) R Bell 47 South Carolina White Male
Mildred Faries 22 housekeeper SC
Willie V Bell 18 Alabama White Male Birth: 16 NOV 1851 Death: 12 JUL 1919 in Ramer, Montgomery Co., AL Burial: Ramer Cem., Montgomery Co., Al m. Mary R. Jackson b: 21 SEP 1858 in Marion Co., SC
James Bell 12 Alabama
Josephine A. Bell 8 AL
Mary Bell 15 AL d/o Joseph Bell
1880: Tuckers Store, Montgomery, Alabama
O. R. Bell 58 head SC SC SC
Lena Bell 28 wife AL AL SC
James M. Bell 22 son AL SC SC
Jodie A. Bell 18 dau AL SC SC
Edna Bell 6 dau AL SC SC child by Lena
O. A. Bell 8 Month son AL SC SC child by Lena
Mattie Allen 20 sister in law AL AL SC

LeRoy Bell 1825 SC
1850: Lowndes, Mississippi
Vincent Bell 68 SC
Penelope Bell 42 SC
Leroy Bell 27 SC

Shannon R. Bell 16 SC male
James Bell 35 SC
Adeline Bell 18 MS
1850: Lowndes, Mississippi
House 397
Elizabeth Reynolds 37 VA
Emily Reynolds 15 MS
Reynolds 13 MS Leroy's future wifeMartha Reynolds 12 AL
Benjamin Reynolds 8 MS
Sarah Reynolds 7 MS
Andrew Reynolds 5 MS
Thomas Reynolds 2 MS
This is the Vincent Bell b 1852 MS who was a student in MS in 1870 and rather rich for an 18 year old. He came back to Fort Deposit where the Vincent 1854 AL lives. They have to be cousins. He is probably the son of Leroy by a first marriage or from his present marriage to "Peachy" Reynolds- if Peachy was 15 when they married. In this case, they are visiting their aunt Sarah Reynolds Leach in 1860.1900: Fort Deposit, Lowndes, Alabama
Vinson Bell 48 March 1852 farmer Mississippi SC SC
Martha E Bell 35
Julia Bell 10
Vasare L Bell 8
Adeline E Bell 4 named after a cousin or sister?
Phillip R Hariston 56
Hugh Hariston 16
Robet G Harmer 28
Mary P Harmer 26
1860: Lowndes, Mississippi 11th June
Post Office: Columbus House 45
James R Leach 26
Sarah Leach 17 (Reynolds)
William Leach 9.12
Vinson Bell 8
Ann E Bell 6
1860: Lowndes, Mississippi 26th July
Post Office: Columbus House 648
Leroy A Bell 33 SC Farmer $400
Pecusia Bell 23 MS maiden name Reynolds
Joseph Bell 4 AL probably born on a visit to family
William Bell 2 MS
Elizabeth Reynolds 47 VA Is she the same family of Reynolds who married Vincent Bell back in 1836 in Camden?
Emily Reynolds 25 MS
Ann and Vincent have gone to school in Columbus and are worth quite a bit for being children-they are not penniless orphans.
1870 Columbus, Lowndes, MS 5th of July
Thos Christian abt 1810 Ireland White court judge $60,000 $10,606
Arabella Christian abt 1813 keeps house South Carolina White Female
Eliza Morris abt 1830 dom servant MS White Female
Lizzie Caskin abt 1850 at home SC White Female
Vincent Bell abt 1852 student MS White $1750 $3750
Anna Bell abt 1856 at school MS White $4000
1860: Oktibbeha, Mississippi
Post Office: Starkville
A J Maxwell 42 clerk of circuit court $1500 $ 21,750 SC
Jane Maxwell 34 SC
Murray Maxwell 13 MS
Ammoret Maxwell 9
Sallie Maxwell 5 MS
Caldwell Maxwell 2 MS
Isabella Montgomery 64 SC $ 5000 21,500
Margaret Bell 18
Josephine Bell 17 MS 6 Oct 1843, Oktibbeha, Miss daughter of Robert Bell Died: 1848-07-19 Starkville,Oktibbeha,Miss and Nancy Younge McDowell b Fairfield died 1846-02-03 after child birth Starkville,Oktibbeha,Miss . His father and mother were William Bell and Ann Montgomery of Ireland who came on a ship to Charleston SC.
Anna Bell 14 MS
Elizabeth Bardwell 16 $22000 MS
1870: Police Beat 3, Oktibbeha, Mississippi
Double Springs PO house 392
John A Marton abt 1829 South Carolina White Male
Charlott Marton abt 1829 South Carolina White Female This could be Charlotte Calussa Bell, d/o of Francis Bell of Madison Co AL See Will below at bottom of page. He had 2 Charlottes but she is not mentioned so maybe this is a Reynolds girl.
John R Cook abt 1856 Mississippi White Male
George D Cook abt 1854 Mississippi White Male
Charlott Bell abt 1864 Mississippi White Female probably dau of Leroy Bell and Peachy Reynolds
Emily M Reynolds abt 1834 Mississippi White female probably living with sister Charlotte
1870: Police Beat 3, Oktibbeha, Mississippi
Starkville PO
Police Beat 1, Oktibbeha, MS
House 618
John L Scott abt 1843 MS White Male
Peachy Scott abt 1839 MS White Female (LeRoy has died and Peachy remarried)
Bell abt 1855 MS White Male child of Leroy Bell and Peachy Reynolds
W(illiam) H Bell abt 1860 MS child of Leroy Bell and Peachy Reynolds
Virginia Bell abt 1866 MS White Female child of Leroy Bell and Peachy reynolds
Margaret Scott abt 1869 MS White Female
W.E. Leach male 11 MS
child of James R. Leach and wife Sarah Reynolds
Martha Leach 6 MS child of James R. Leach and wife Sarah Reynolds
Emily Reynolds abt 1836 assistant house keeper MS White Female
house 619
John P Martin 41 South Carolina White Male
Charlotte Martin 41 South Carolina White Female
John A Cook 16 Mississippi White Male
George D Cook 14 Mississippi White Male
Charlotte Bell 6 Mississippi White Female
Emily M Reynolds 34 assistant house keeper Mississippi White feMal
Shannon R. Bell b ca 1834
m Alice Cloud and or Mary Hopkins
1850: Lowndes, Mississippi
Vincent Bell 68 SC
Penelope Bell 42 SC
Leroy Bell 27 SC

Shannon R. Bell 16 SC male
James Bell 35 SC
Adeline Bell 18 MS

Mary Alice Cloud or Mary Hopkins? Again you can see the year they left SC was after 1834 by the SC birth of 27 year old Shannon.
1860: District 5, Noxubee, Mississippi
Post Office: Brooksville
E R Hopkins 54 farmer $13,000 SC
Dr S R Bell 27 physician $20,000 SC
Mary Bell 21 SC
Geo W Hopkins 15 SC
Laura A Hopkins 13 MS
Jno W Hopkins 9 MS
Alice Bell 1 MS
Click on picture to make it bigger
Hayneville about 1876 Hugh William Caffey who married his second wife Alabama Gordon 25 OCT 1865 in Lowndes Co. AL. His first wife Jerusha May Rives (right) was the aunt of Claudius Green Rives who married Frances Caroline Bell d/o Ananias Bell. Jerusha looks like the type of girl who loved to be outside riding her horse and she can hardly bear being inside photographed and having on those fancy garments. Alabama Gordon looks pinched and severe and never quite happy unless everything is running perfectly and HER way. A mother who demanded the best from her children and never let them get away with anything. Hugh William is looking aged from the War but is relaxed and has a completely different character than Alabama.
Confederate Veteran, Vol. XXVIII, 1920
"...graduated in medicine at Charleston, S. C. in 1855
and in January 1856, he was married to Miss Jerusha May Rives, daughter of Green
Rives, of Collirene. His wife died in September 1861, leaving a son and two
daughters. On April 18, 1862, Dr. Caffey enlisted as a private in Company G,
44th Alabama Infantry, Capt. Thomas C. Daniel, with Col. James G. Kent in
command of the regiment, which was sent immediately to Virginia. Dr. Caffey was
then derailed to work in the hospital at Drewry's Bluff, and when his regiment
went to Maryland he was sent with the sick :o[sic] Richmond, where in the fall of
1862 he was promoted to assistant surgeon with the rank of captain. Failing to
get approval of his request to be assigned to service with his regiment, he
served until the end of the war in the surgeon-general's department and was
paroled at Salisbury, N. C., after the surrender of Joseph E. Johnston's army.

Returning home. Dr. Caffey took up the practice of his profession and the
management of his farm. His second wife, who survives him, was Miss Alabama
Gordon, a daughter of Maj. Francis Gordon, of Gordonsviile, Ala. They were
married October 23, 1865, and to them were born three sons and one daughter, all
living. He was county superintendent of education of Lowndes County from 1868
to 1871; Worshipful Master of Masonic Lodge, 1870; Chairman Lowndes County
Democratic Executive Committee, 1872 to i875; Judge of Probate and County Court,
Lowndes County, 1880 to 1886."

Grandfather to William Cloud of Fairfield SC
Barbara See
Note: Jeremiah's will is on record at New Castle, DEL.
(His land was among that in dispute between Penn. and Delaware.)
He came to America in 1682 with his father and brothers, Robert
and William, aboard the ship Unicorn. He was a cordwainer
(rope maker) and worked in leather. He was probably married in
England and that Elizabeth was his second wife. William (his father)
became a member of the Soc of Friends in 1663/4.

Will: Jeremiah Cloud, who inherited 200 acres from his father William, had a much larger estate upon his death 17 years later.
Jeremiah made his Will Feb 20, 1715/16 same probated Dec 1, 1717, as follows:

"I, Jeremiah Cloud of Rexland Manor in County of New Castle upon the Delaware in Penn., cordwainer, being "sick and weak" give unto my beloved wife, ELIZABETH, and son, WILLIAM CLOUD, whom I constitute executors of my Will, my manor plantation where I now dwell with cattle etc.Immediately after wife's death it is to become property of WILLIAM; to sons JEREMIAH and MORDECIA 500 acres in Township of Marlborough, Chester Co.; to son, DANIEL, tract of land known as "Mount Pleasant", formerly land of Nathaniel Lampley near Chichester containing 200 acres; to son JOHN one shilling; to daus.
SARAH, HANNAH, ELIZABETH at 21 certain pounds of ancient money". Wits: Geo. Robinson, Rob. Gillingham (Dover Delaware Book C, Vol. 1, p118).
The Probate of Jeremiah Cloude's Will. By the Tenor of these
presents I John Grouch. Esq Register for the Probate of Wills
and granting Letters of Admcon for the County of New Castle
on Delaware by Virtue of a Commition from the Honable William
Keith Esq Lieutenent Governour of the Counties of New Castle
Kent and Sussex upon Delaware and province of Pensilvania
Do make known unto all men that on the Twenty first day of
December Anno Dom 1717 at New Castle in the County of New Castle
aforesaid was proved approved and ?instrumated the Last Will
and Testament of Jeremiah Cloude Late of the said County
Deced to those presents...ed knowing whilst he lived and
at the time of his Death goods Rights and divers Credits
in Divers places within the said County of New Castle By
Means whereof the full disposition of all and Singular the
the Goods Rights and Credits of the said Deced and the
granting the administration thereof as also the hearing
accounts Calculation or Receiving of the said Admtion and
finall Discharge and Division from the same unto me are
Manifestly known to belong,And the administration of all
and Singular the goods Rights and Credits of the said Deced
and his Last Will and Testament any maner of ways concerning
was granted unto Elizabeth Cloude and William Cloude in the
Same Testament named Cheifely of well and truly administrating
the Same of making a true and prfect Inventory of all and
Singular the goods Rights and Credits of the said Deced and
Exhibiting the same into the of New Castle at or
before the Twenty first day of ....the date thereof and also
of Rendering a just and true account of Calculation or Receiving
of the said Admtion when thereunto required being ...
In Testimony whereof I have caused the Seale of the said office
to be hereunto affixed and New Castle this Twenty first day of
December in the fourth year of the reign of our Sovereigne Lord
King George Ano Domin 1717. John French Reg.
The Will of Jeremiah Cloude. In the Name of god Amen the
twentieth day of february in the yeare of our Lord 1715/6 I
Jeremiah Cloude of Rexland Manor in the County of New Castle
upon Delaware in the Province of Pensilvania Cordwainer, Being
very weak and Sick of Body but of Sound and perfect mind, memory,
and understanding (thanks be givenunto God therefore) Calling
to mind the mortailty of my Body and knowing that it is appointed
for all men once to dye. Do therefore make Constitute and ordain
this my Last Will and Testament.

William CLOUD mentioned in the Will at the begonnong of this blog as the son of Daniel moved first to Madison, Alabama and later to TN where he died. HIS ESTATE WAS PROBATED IN DAVIDSON COUNTY TENNESSEE PROBATE COURT IN SEPTEMBER 1846, BOOK 14, PAGE 708. SEE LDS MICROFILM. HIS ESTATE WAS ALSO PROBATED AND CONTESTED IN THE MADISON COUNTY ALABAMA COURTS BETWEEN 1847 AND 1888. SEE PROBATE COURT CASE NO. 1779 AND CHANCERY COURT CASES NO. 1329 AND 1425. THE COURT RECORDS ARE STORED IN THE LEGAL LIBRARY, LOCATED ON THE COURT HOUSE SQUARE IN HUNTSVILLE, AL. Presumeably William's kin Francis also moved with him. Francis died in Madison. It may be that Vincent Bell (married to Ellen Cloud) and his son Joseph Bell travelled along too as Joseph's son Augustus said his father came shortly after Alabama became a state in 1819 and it thought William (married to Sarah CLOUD) traveled to Madison Co Al between 1821-1825. William and Vincent were first cousins. Here is a letter from William to Fairfield SC:
(as copied from Tom King's webpage 041099)
Note: The original letter was hand written by Cloud, William
in 1838. It was hand copied into a deed book of Fairfield County, South Carolina;
since it was related to the property transfer mentioned in the letter. The author of this book
received a photocopy of the handwritten deed book record and typed this copy. Spaces with (-----) were unreadable. Original spelling has not been corrected.
* * *
Alabama State,
Madison County
July 6, 1838
To: John E. Cloud
Dear Sir:
I recd. your letter rote the 4th day of June and mailed the 7th in 24
days which gave me great satisfaction to hear that all was well. I duly observed the
contents of your letter and your wishes therein contained and what you said about the land and it was thought there would be some dispute about the land next to Bowels. and Isaac Aldedge's
fears about making title for fear of a squabble there. There is no need as you said of a warranty letter from me as Isaac Arledge has the power of ---ance to make the letter. Tell him and let him see this letter and he may ask Person-------- he could be liable in any way whatever, for I am sure every Neighbor there knows my land nearly as well as I do, say those that lived there when I left which was Henry Haygood, old Mr. Haygood and old Mr. Powell and sons and General Strawther and as it iswell known. Tell Seith Isaac Aldedge s to make a warrantee title to you or who may wish to purchase the land in this ---- say all my rights and claims of land lying on the waters of Little CederCreek which I purchased of the Miles, it being part of a plot of land granted to old Look Ralls more or less, that to say all my claim, in making this title,
Arledges will be perfectly safe and the purchaser also. And if they say they can't purchase it as
above stated they may be safe by you and them applying in Winsborogh at the office where y
they, I expect will find my land on record, both deed and plat, if I am not mistaken, which will enable the purchaser to know the land. I had two hundred and six acres and three
quarters to best of my recollection. I have bin thinking how there can be any dispute in the land next to Mr. Bowel's, if mine is it must be at the lower part of his plantation next to where William Broom lived. I bot a small plot of land of Wm. Miles I believe it was about an acre or two but forget whether I----------------on a branch below Bowels field by the branch is the line between me and Miles old place. I bot it to have excess to the water and give at the ---------- dollars per acre. The branch as I have already stated was the line for a small -------- the la
maybe known it is a small piece of low ground on the west side of the branch and lies low and level, just below old Mr. Bowels plantation. I also had a small quantity (of land) on the east side of the same branch and one of my corners is just below the piece of low ground above
named and on the east side of the branch next to Wm. Miles place which a Mr. Robinson
owned when I left that state. The least I was offered for my land when I was on it was eleven
hundred dollars all down. This was offered by Mr. Powell & Caleb Powell son of old Mr. Powell kno my land as well as I did and if yet alive can show the whole of it if he would.
Give my complement to Mr. Powell and tell him to be so good as to sh
my land to anyone that wants to purchase and in so doing he will much oblige one w
wishes him well. John tell Arledge to make a letter to all my right of land laying in
Fairfield District, more of less, and if they wish to purchase , the land being well ----- will make
no difference but they will still say they are afraid to purchase on the above named way
order to get your land for nothing. If they will not purchase in the way above stated let it lie till they are willing, and I would not take less than a thousand dollars unless it was every dollar paid
down, then you may take eight hundred all down and if they will not give it for my claim more or less, let it stay there til I come.
I am yours and give my love to all friends. I remain yours ------.
(Signed) Wm. Cloud
N.B. I wish you to send the amt of my land by John Whither in money, notes or other property. If you sell.
(Signed) Wm. Cloud.

* * *
Note: The following authorization was apparently written by William Cloud on the
19th of February of 1838, prior to John's travel to South Carolina. It was also recorded in
the deed book on the 24th of December 1838. See Fairfield County Deed book for that year,
pages 83 and 84.

* * *
19 February 1838

Mr. Isaac Arledge Sr.

I wish you and my son John to sell my land lying on the waters of Ceder Creek, it
being part of the Look Ralls Plot. Which plot I left with Wm. Kitheart to give you when I
left the state. He must pay you the taxes and for your trouble and when you a rite warrant the
whole more or less, it being all my claims of the above named plot which I will warrant. In
Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 19th day of
February 1838.
(Signed) Wm. Cloud (SEAL)

WILL OF Has Children William CLOUD (1775-1846)

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that I, William Cloud of Tennessee,
Davidson County, and late of Alabama, Madison County, knowing that all
men have to die,
and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will
and testament,
revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

In the first place I recommend my soul to God that gave it to me; and in the second place I wish to be decently buried and my funeral expenses paid, and in the third place I do appoint John B. Bosley, now of Mississippi, who resides above Natchez formerly of Davidson County and State of Tennessee my lawful Executor, and of whom I require no security.
ITEM THE FIRST. I do will and bequeath to John B. Bosley in trust for the benefit of Siller and her fore children; say, Narsey, Rufus, Aconey and William Francis and three others; say Nelson, Albert and David, The following slaves, namely Becky and her son, Ephraim, which slaves I am now possessed of, and I do trust and request my Executor in case their free papers is not sufficient to procure their freedom by removing them to a free state or otherwise.
ITEM THE SECOND. It is my wish that James M. Cloud have Mary Chains daughter for
living with, and taking care of me and managing my business for me till my death.
ITEM THE THIRD. I will and bequeath to Tyrus Bell, and my daughter Adeline his wife, Five Dollars and no more, as I have already given them which I intended for them with the addition of the above named five dollars.
ITEM THE FOURTH. It is my will that all the property I possess, at my death that is not disposed of in this will, nor be disposed of by me before my death, that is in the State of
Tennessee remain therein for one year after my death, to be all together, in the care and
possession of my Executor, for the above named year, for which I have a particular reason,
best known to myself, and which will be made known at the expiration of the year above named. ITEM THE FIFTH. It is my will that all my property real and personal that I now own, or may be possessed of in the State of Alabama, Madison County, remain unsold for three years, unless my Executor can sell it for Ten Thousand Dollars, at one, two or three installment with good notes and securities, and a lien on the same till paid, and it is my wish that, if it is not sold till th expiration of the above named three years, that my heirs, say John E. Cloud, James M. Cloud, Durgan M. Cloud and Elizabeth Turner, live on my land until sold, or have the benefit of the same, and when sold it is my wish that John E. Cloud have Five dollars paid him, James M. Cloud have Five Dollars paid him, and Durgan M. Cloud have Five Dollars paid him, and Elizabeth Ann Turner have Five dollars paid her, and the balance of all my property whatever kind, I may have in the State of Alabama at my death I leave it to the children of John E. Cloud, James M. Cloud, Durgan M. Cloud and Elizabeth Ann Turner, that is not disposed of by me in this will, nor otherwise before my death, and when the land is sold and the money collected, I wish it put out at interest, having the same safely secured by a lean on Real Estate, that is clear of any encumbrance, for the use and benefit of the above named children, and to pay all expenses in carrying out my will, that may occur in any way whatever; and it is my will that the head of each family have Fifty Dollars, paid them yearly, for the support of their family, out of the money I leave their children, say John E. Cloud, Fifty Dollars, James M. Cloud, Fifty Dollars, Durgin M. Cloud, Fifty Dollars and Elizabeth Ann Turner, Fifty Dollars, till the half of the whole is spent, and the balance is to be safely secured for their children tillthey become of age, to
choose Guardians for themselves.
ITEM THE SIXTH. It is my will that old Becky live with any of my heirs that she may wish and not to be ruled by any of them, nor to be taken into the Division of my property, and should any of my heirs attempt to break my will, it is my will that they who may attempt it,
be cut off with Five dollars, alone, but I hope for the better.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day April 1846.

Josiah W. Stout
I. H. M. Hall
W. H. Bedford
Some Bells from Fairfield unaccounted for in lineage in work done by Creighton Bell;
  1. Has Children Elisha Bell b: BET 1760 AND 1770 in South Carolina
  2. Has Children Asa Bell b: ABT 1775 in South Carolina
  3. Has Children Francis Bell b: ABT 1780 in South Carolina
ALABAMA RECORDS, Volume 100, Madison County. "B" Surnames. Wills & Estates

BELL, FRANCIS: Will Book 1, p. 180. Will dated 7 Sept. 1857, probated 13 February 1858.
Home to son HOUSTON LEE BELL and daughter CHARLOTTE BELL. Balance of estate to be divided into 10 equal parts, as follows: son JOSHUA BELL, son EWING BELL, son FRANCIS H. BELL, children of deceased daughter ELIZABETH BELL, daughter SUSAN BELL WOODWARD, children of deceased son TYREE (Tyrus) BELL [b 29 JUL 1810 Fairfield District, South Carolina died 3 APR 1853 in Noxubee Co., Mississippi married 5 Mar 1829 in Clouds Cove, Madison Co Adeline Amelia CLOUD ], children of deceased son ISHAM BELL--some of the children of son ISHAM have died leaving children--they to take the part they would have inherited from him--, daughter BARBARA BELL. WILLIAM D. GARDINER and grandson ELISHA BELL to be guardians of my two infant children, HOUSTON LEE BELL and CHARLOTTE BELL.
Witnesses: James Robinson, Henry M. Robinson.
Probate Record 21, p. 564. Petition to probate the will of FRANCIS BELL, dec'd, by HOUSTON LEE BELL and CHARLOTTE BELL, infants, by their next friend Robert D. Wilson; states that FRANCIS BELL, for many years a resident of this county (Madison Co., AL ) , departed this life at his residence in the month of September last. He left no wife at the time of his death, but left the following children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren his heirs and distributees, viz:
1. JOSHUA BELL, a son; 2. EWING BELL, a son; 3. FRANCIS BELL, a son; 4. BARBARA BELL, a daughter , wife of ASA BELL; 5. SUSAN BELL WOODWARD, a daughter; 6. HOUSTON LEE BELL, son, a minor and your petitioner and 7. CHARLOTTE BELL, a daughter, a minor and your petitioner. All of said children reside in said county and except your petitioners, are adults. 8. (1) WILLIAM BELL, a grandson; (2) SARAH BELL, a granddaughter and a lunatic; (3) JOSHUA BELL, a grandson; (4) Susan Bell Wilkins, a granddaughter and wife of WILLIAM WILKINS; (5) DUDLEY BELL, a grandson and a minor; (6) MARTIN BELL, a grandson and a minor; (7) MARY BELL, a granddaughter and a minor; and (8) HARDY BELL, a grandson and a minor
SC county map
Formation of counties SC
GA counties map
Formation of Counties GA


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Nancy Younge McDowell was the sister of my 3rd great grandmother, Mary McDowell Boyd. I would love know what else you know about the McDowell family.

Anita B.

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Regarding William H. Poole (born 1834). Your last entry on the above basicall covers his death. Here is a couple more bits of info;

William H. Poole, age 28, enlisted at Ft. Deposit in company “I” of the 45th Alabama Infantry on March 13, 1862. He last appears on muster rolls in 1864 (no exact date) as present and receiving clothing.

Sgt. William H. Poole was mortally wounded at the Battle of Franklin, TN on the 30 November 1864 and died on an unknown date (most likely December 1864). He is listed as being buried in the Alabama section #75, grave #114 of the McGavock Confederate Cemetery in Franklin, TN.

His wound was reported to be in his right arm and that the cause of death was blood poising.

His name is on the Confederate Monument in the square in front of the Lowndes County Courthouse.

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Anyway, I am the g-g-grandson of A.P. Bell and just found your site. I have some pictures of Augustus and family and would be interested in any sources or pictures you might have. Feel free to email me at elstevo13 (at) gmail-dot-com

Thanks for sharing all this research that you've done and for the informative blog post!